Pokémon Masters: el nuevo trailer desvela los combates multijugador

the new trailer unveils multiplayer fighting

A few days ago we talked about the official date of Pokmon Masters and some of the most outstanding features of a new game that Official Google Play date for Pokmon Masters will arrive . The title is shown to the world as a collaboration of The Pokmon Company with DeNa and many are fans of the series that are already looking forward to trying out the gaming experience with their own hands. Therefore, every important information that appears is more than good news for the entire community.

On this occasion we talked about a new trailer that shows some details of one of the most prominent sections of the game: multiplayer fighting It is a new form of game based on 3 vs 3 battles in real time with which The Pokmon Company wants to put users in your pocket Do not miss it!

The keys revealed by the new trailer of Pokmon Masters

Pokmon Master has wanted to make one of those dazzling appearances with which future users of the game are usually left with their mouths open. We are talking about a new trailer that shows some of the game modes of the new title of the company where you can see each and every one of the Pokmon coaches that appear in the game. Pokmon Masters give prominence to characters as well known as Brock, Red, Blue, Corelia and Misty. All this, of course, accompanied by their best known Pokmon.

However, the most important section of this small advance is based on the novelties multiplayer fighting. The Pokmon Company wanted to offer its users the first strokes of what is considered the most prominent game mode of the title in which six players can face each other in groups of three users. We talk about a new type of battle in real time where you can even perform all kinds of combined attacks They aim to do the maximum damage to their rivals.

You can also highlight some of the graphics in which the Passio Island, place where the game will be developed, and everything related to the attacks, Pokmon and game modes that will appear in Pokmon Masters. At the moment, nothing else is known about a game that promises to become a real success and that will arrive officially over the next few weeks.

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