The most fun and exciting mountain climbing game: download it now

The most fun and exciting mountain climbing game: describe it now

The time has come to recommend a new game that we are sure will hit hard over the months. Yes, it is casual; yes, you have in-app purchases; and does not escape the ads. Even so, Hang line It is one of those Android games that, once you try it, you find it impossible to release it. We have a good time with him, we say it with knowledge of cause.

What's up Hang line? Imagine that you want to climb the mountains to rescue survivors who have been hanging between rocks and snow. How would you do it? If you were a normal climber you would open paths on the mountain. But, if you wanted to act like Rico Rodriguez, protagonist of the videogame saga Just case, you will surely use your extendable hook. Good idea, right?

The protagonist of Hang line It has at its disposal an extendable hook with which it can adhere to snow, ice and some rocks so that, as the hook picks up rope, it goes up and bypassing obstacles. It seems simple, but things get complicated as the levels progress; something you don't want to stop doing.

Climb the mountains of Hang Line climbing with the only help of your extendable hook

The most fun and exciting mountain climbing game: download it now

The mechanics is to extend the hook to grab the screen elements and thus go climbing. To release the hook over a specific point you just have to touch: press and the climber will release the hook from where it is tied to throw it just to the point of your finger; pushing in this way up (or down if you threw the hook in the opposite direction).

What seems simple is complicated when the road narrows, the climber hangs on the cliffs or it is tied to a loose rock that ends up dragging it in its fall. This is where the skill and speed of reflexes come into play, two elements that are essential in Hang line. Although yes, you will have at your disposal various additives that will improve the climbing and your resistance; additives that can be obtained free in counted quantities or by checking out.

The most fun and exciting mountain climbing game: download it now

Hang line owns its own currency; You will win as you pass screens. Each one has three survivors to rescue, some will also include objects; all in detailed scenarios that have a certain "polygonal" style. Although surely I do not give you time to appreciate it since you need to pay attention to your hook.

Hang Line is the demonstration that casual games can also be immensely recommended

We loved this game: just try the first screen to recognize its huge hook (wink, wink). It has more than 50 levels, more than 80 characters to rescue, the difficulty is growing and challenging … And the balance between ads and purchases does not water experience, something also important.

Hang line It is now available in the Google Play Store for you to climb mountains. Download it, you will not regret it.