The first Samsung Galaxy Note 4 have manufacturing flaws

The first Samsung Galaxy Note 4 have manufacturing flaws

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been one of the most anticipated terminals of 2014. We still cannot enjoy it worldwide, as it is beginning to be distributed throughout South Korea.

Thanks to the South Korean press, we know that First units of this terminal are having some manufacturing defect. This defect is repeated in several of the terminals that are already being marketed. This is a problem with the physical part of the device, more specifically in the connection of the screen with the metallic edge that runs along the edges of the device. It seems that you can find a small slot that runs along the entire edge. They ensure that a business card can be inserted in this slot without any problem.

These Samsung Galaxy Note 4 They are the first to be marketed, so it can be understood that it is a failure in a series of devices. These failures are quite common and usually remedy and replace the affected devices. But now is when we find the surprise that the company has prepared for us.

In the user manual of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 European, we can see how it refers to this small defect. It says so.

– "This gap is a necessary manufacturing feature and some minor oscillation or vibration of the parts may occur."

– "Over time, friction between the parts can cause this gap to expand slightly. ”

Yes, as you could read, this is not a manufacturing error in the first units, but all terminals will have this slot. Which means that it is another feature of the device with which we will have to live. This is something that does not give much confidence, since the brand itself is telling us that its phone ends up having gaps over time. In addition to being a very delicate site, since if you are a user of anysmartphone,You know that is where more dirt accumulates, something that can cause problems.

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Samsung has not yet commented on it, except for the two phrases it has included in the manual. So we will have to wait for the terminal to expand worldwide to be able to tell you if this keeps happening.

Personally I have not been able to see this with my own eyes, but if some of these slots are really so pronounced, I do not think it has a very good acceptance, it is more, if the company has hidden these words on page 180 of the manual, it is because it is aware of the problem and wants to cover his back. I don't want to say that they won't replace the affected devices if this really happens, but … I don't know, it smells a bit weird.

What do you think? Do you think this is just a mistake in the first units?

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