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The direct messenger on YouTube be removed in a short time

It seems that Google is willing to have your video service Youtube be as clean as possible and what does not work as expected, is removed at a stroke. This is what seems to happen with one of the possibilities that currently exist on its platform: direct messages. We show what will happen to her.

It is true that this function that currently exists is not exactly the most used by users, but many are the ones that occasionally use it for, for example, sharing videos or simply to get in touch with their favorite creators. The case is that, according to the source of the information, from Google they consider that the option of which we speak not relevant enough to stay on the platform and, therefore, to gain usability and improve the interface, be eliminated And this will happen in a short time. As simple as that, let's go to Mountain View, they don't go around with nonsense when one of their products or options doesn't work as expected.

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When will end direct messages on YouTube

For what has been known, this will happen next month, specifically the day September 18, so everything indicates that Google has already been assessing whether it was advisable to eliminate direct messages in their online video service and, of course, they have decided that it is the best. By the way, that the platform indicated that, once this happens, public comments will be further enhanced in the videos, so it is possible that in a short time there will be news about the changes, apparently, can be quite important.

Direct messages on YouTube

In what has to do with the possibility of sending videos quickly and directly among YouTube users, the possibilities that remain to be used is the same to send content through the regular use of social networks or the option Share on mobile devices. And also the use of the copy of the link more traditional and that continues being one of the most effective possibilities in the computers. The case is that direct messages will be history in a short time.

It seems to you one good idea that direct messages disappear on YouTube? Were you those who used this possibility or do you completely ignore it?

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