The best wallpapers of 'Toy Story 4' for mobile

The best wallpapers of 'Toy Story 4' for mobile

Is here Toy Story 4! The most anticipated film of the summer in regards to Disney arrives in theaters this June 21. The wait is over to see the new adventures of Woody, Buzz and all his friends at the cinema, who return after a break of 9 years that has kept their followers in suspense.

In this new installment of the saga, the toys will embark on a journey that changes course after the disappearance of Forky, the fork that everyone should find. Participate also in the adventures of our favorite characters by personalizing your mobile with 15 wallpapers of Toy Story 4.

15 wallpapers of Toy Story 4 for mobile

We must celebrate the return of Woody, Buzz and his companions in a big way, They do not deserve less these beloved toys with which we have grown. Since the premiere of the first film in 1995, Toy story has been accumulating followers who continue to claim new stories from Pixar.

The company has heeded these requests and has been framed in the production of Toy Story 4, a movie that reaches cinemas now. If you also want to fully enter the world of these toys, do not hesitate to choose any of the 15 wallpapers We have chosen to personalize your mobile.

This is just a small sample of all the wallpapers we have selected. To see the rest and power download them at maximum resolution, here is the link to the Google Drive folder that contains them. Enter it and choose which of all is the wallpaper of Toy Story 4 to appear on your mobile.

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