kindle fire reader's edition

The best tablet for readers

Amazon is one of the largest manufacturers of Tablets in the market. Android based has managed to create an ecosystem with its own app store and its own services from Internet. In addition, it also makes strong bets on devices, surprising with a great quality / price ratio.

Today we know a new tablet in the Amazon Kindle Fire family, a tablet that moves away from the traditional multimedia market to give priority to the most avid readers, an 8-inch Kindle Fire with services that if you are a lover of reading you can not miss.

New Kindle Fire Reader’s Edition

The Amazon Kindle Fire Reader’s Edition is a tablet dedicated to reading lovers. Featuring an 8-inch screen with HD screen and resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels, we find a product similar to the Kindle Fire HD 8 inch, it has the same 1.5GHz quad-core processor, 5MP camera and 8 GB of expandable storage using 128GB microSD cards.

kindle fire reader's edition

One of the main virtues of the Amazon Kindle Fire Reader’s Edition is that it arrives with a one-year subscription to Kindle Unlimited valued at $ 120, which allows readers to enjoy the huge catalog of digital books available in the Amazon store, being a great claim for the most reading enthusiasts who thought of purchasing a tablet.

As with all Amazon devices, the Kindle Reader’s Edition It has adjustable reading sources and choice of light filters to give more comfort to our reading at night. Finally, it also includes access to an audiobook library that synchronizes with our library so that we can read and listen to audiobooks simultaneously.

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kindle fire reader's edition 2

The Kindle Fire Reader’s Edition is available today in the US version of Amazon at a price of $ 249 in which they include a year of Amazon Unlimited and a leather case valued at $ 35, starting their shipments from next December 9. Like the basic 8-inch Kindle Fire, We still don't have confirmation for your arrival in Spain, but without a doubt we find it very interesting a tablet that includes a subscription that comes out of the typical, something that only Amazon can risk doing.

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