The 10 official Samsung tricks for your Galaxy S10

The 10 official Samsung tricks for your Galaxy S10

On February 20, 2019 was the date chosen by Samsung to present two of its most anticipated terminals of the year: Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 +, with a bored screen and ultrasonic fingerprint reader. The passage of time has helped us to better understand both devices and use that learning to give you some recommendations, How to download the best app for your Galaxy S10.

Samsung, which knows everything about the operation of its mobile phones, wants to help you get more out of your terminal offering you very interesting information. Attention, because you can not miss the 10 official tricks that Samsung gives you to master your Galaxy S10.

10 official Samsung tricks for your Galaxy S10

Access apps directly from the lock screen

Samsung puts at your disposal the convenience of access to apps from the lock screen without this affecting your safety. To use this fast, scan your fingerprint on the screen as you normally do and swipe up, right or left, depending on the app you want to open directly. To change the applications that you can access from these shortcuts, you must enter Settings> Lock screen and select the apps you use most.

Bixby all your routines

As with Google Assistant routines, you can automate those tasks that you want the Samsung assistant to perform at certain times of the day. For example, you can make Bixby silence the notifications when you start playing a game, or the music plays as soon as you get in the car in the morning.

Bixby's routines are endless, so Samsung encourages you to discover them and use them to make your life with the Galaxy S10 easier. Open the notification panel, swipe left and click on Bixby Routines to activate them. Then, selecting Details, podrs enter the menu, enable preset routines or create your own.

Bixby on Samsung Galaxy S10 +

Better control the Galaxy S10 with “One-handed operation mode”

There are 5 things that the Galaxy S10 does not have, but there are others that do, such as “One-handed operation mode” so that it's easier for you to use your mobile when you do it with just one hand. From Settings> Advanced Functions> Movements and gestures> One-handed operation mode, you can activate this function so that the screen is reduced. You have two options: Gesture, which minimizes the window to the left or right side to control all functions with the thumb, and Button, which allows you to adjust the size of the minimized window.

Expand your screen with Full Screen Gestures

Even if you didn't know it until now, you can hide the Galaxy S10 navigation bar so that the screen is complete. Do not worry, you can continue browsing the mobile using gestures. Activate this function from Settings> Display> Navigation bar> Full screen gestures. Enabling this last option, the navigation bar will disappear and you will have to slide from below to activate the functions of the touch buttons. If you need help, with the suggestion of gestures you can see where to swipe to select the actions.

Disconnect for a while with Temporary Silence

Your Samsung terminal also allows you to forget calls and app notifications for as long as you choose. So you don't have to take care of activating and deactivating the Do not disturb mode, the Galaxy S10 has the Temporary Silence function. When activated, you can choose how many hours the silence of calls and notifications should last. When time passes, the terminal returns to Sound Mode automatically.

Save battery with adaptive mode

Not a finger will have to move so that your Galaxy S10 knows when to save battery life throughout the day. From Settings> Device maintenance> Battery> Battery mode, you can activate the Adaptive energy saving function, which study your usage patterns to keep the apps you use most active while making sure that those you don't use don't consume energy.

In addition, that adaptable mode Automatically enable power save mode when you are playing, watching many videos or using the phone more than usual. In this way, you will not have to worry about manually activating or deactivating savings.

Refine your photographs with Composition suggestions

As you can see, in your Galaxy S10 there are functions for all tastes, also for photo lovers. Using machine learning created after analyzing millions of images, the Composition Suggestions tool can advise you how you should take the photo to make it perfect.

Use these suggestions when you want to take photos of a single person, of landscapes or when you are in a location with many different lights. Taking advantage of all their knowledge, the phone will recommend how you should photograph to get better photos. You can activate Composition suggestions from Camera settings.