team rocket pokemon GO

Team Rocket arrives at Pokmon GO accompanied by many new features

team rocket pokemon GO

Pokmon GO has just been updated with many interesting news such as the arrival of the dreaded Team Rocket. This association wants to get hold of the world and we can't let them get it, for this we have new adventures available in Pokmon GO with which we will have to face and defeat the Team GO Rocket Recruits.

But these are not the only novelties that come to the popular game, the fighting system has changed and now be more dynamic having to swipe and press on the screen when executing an attack. In addition, the Pokmon valuation system is now much more visual and you will know more easily how strong a Pokmon is.

Team Rocket, Pokmon Shadow, new ratings and mini-games in fighting

Pokmon GO has just released one of the most important updates of the last months that add to the latest developments, such as the new battleship Mewtwo.

Team GO Rocket has invaded the world of Pokmon GO! Face the Team GO Rocket Recruits when you reset Pokparadas and rescue Pokmon.

The latest version comes loaded with improvements and can be downloaded from the App Store on your iPhone, these are the novelties:

  • New challenges: face Team GO Rocket.
  • Pokmon Shadow: catch mysterious Pokmon Shadow left by Team GO Rocket. Will there be any way to help these Pokmon?
  • New valuation tool: now you can know much more about your Pokmon.
  • Fighting minigames: Loaded attacks now include new mini-games.

pokemon GO news

As we see it is about very interesting news that will make this summer many are encouraged to take to the streets to play Pokmon GO, which is also celebrating its third anniversary with interesting news.

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