Spotify podría subir el precio en algunos países de forma inmediata

Spotify may raise the price in some countries immediately

Spotify It has become the most important streaming music service today. The music app has millions of users worldwide and there are many new features that it has been integrating over the years. The renewal of its design, podcasts, Spotify Lite The service is constantly updated and everything seems to indicate that doing so, the only drawback is shown with a Possible price increase in some markets.

Bloomberg has been the medium that has published the first information related to a possible price increase that will affect the users of some selected countries. The rumors are more than evident, and after the rise of Netflix, now it will be another of the most common apps in all current phones. We tell you all the details.

Spotify is already preparing for a price increase

Positioning in the market as the most outstanding music app today allows Spotify to integrate all the changes it deems appropriate. An aspect that It can be positive thanks to the integration of news, but that can also generate news as negative as the one we analyze next. S, Spotify will be considering raising the prices of all its quotas.

From Bloomberg they have confirmed that Spotify will already be thinking of a significant price increase that will affect countries like Norway, Sweden and Denmark in the first place. According to the data, you are rates may be increased up to 13%, a rise that will generate really important revenue for the company. If you look at the millions of users that make up the application, Spotify could have millionaire benefits with a small price increase. Yes, keep the same number of users?


At the moment, Spotify has not wanted to confirm or deny the news related to this topic. What's more, this upload may only take place. in some selected countries of the Scandinavian zone and only in the family plan. We will have to wait until we get new data related to this topic to carry out more outstanding conclusions.

Will you continue with Spotify if its price increases?