Spotify may raise prices up to 10% in some markets

Spotify may raise prices up to 10% in some markets

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Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music … there are few streaming music services that we can find today. Although regardless of the tastes and affinities of each one, we can objectively say that Spotify is the most known and popular platform, especially since it was one of the first to go on the market.

At a price of $ 9.99 per month for a single user and $ 14.99 for the family group, in recent days there have been strong rumors that indicate that the platform may increase the price of this last plan, although quiet, at the moment only in some countries.

Spotify is seriously thinking of a price increase

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After the price increase that Netflix applied a couple of months ago, quite possibly Spotify will be the next to follow this same path. As reported by Bloomberg, Spotify may increase prices in Scandinavian countries (Norway, Sweden and Denmark), at least as for the family plan.

According to the sources, the price to pay will increase up to 13% and at the business level, it will have a justification. Spotify is a company that constantly loses money and this despite having more users than other streaming music services such as Apple Music, whose update arrive this autumn with a dark mode among other news. For this reason and with the aim of being a more profitable company, the company will test the price increase initially in this market.

What does this mean? That possibly from here at a time we have to pay more to listen to music on Spotify in the rest of the markets, especially in European and American countries. Although at the moment it was only applied to the family plan, nothing prevents the individual plan from being affected in the future by the rise. Although this are already assumptions.

Will you still use Spotify if it goes up in price? Or on the contrary you will go to the competition?

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