Some iPhone and Samsung phones will emit more radiation than allowed | Technology and science | Mobile

Some iPhone and Samsung phones will emit more radiation than allowed | Technology and science | Mobile

Some cell phones Manzana Y Samsung launched in the last three years they will be producing radio frequency radiation at higher levels than allowed by the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), according to a recent report by the 'Chicago Tribune'.

The extensive investigation of the aforementioned medium prob 11 different models: four iPhone (iPhone 7, 8, 8 Plus and X), three Samsung Galaxys (S8, S9 and J3), three Motorolas (e5, e5 Play and g6 Play) and a BLU Vivo 5 Mini. The tests were performed in the RF Exposure Lab laboratories, accredited by the FCC.

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The results show that the radio frequency absorption levels of the iPhone 7 are among the worst, with a SAR almost two to four times greater than the safety limit when tested 2 mm from the body. The iPhone X also slightly exceeds the recommended limits, but the 8 Plus remains within the allowed range.

The three Samsung Galaxy models also showed greater absorption at the same distance, with the Galaxy S8 in the lead, which super five times the current standard.

SAR is the specific absorption rate, that is, uA measure of the maximum power with which a radio frequency electromagnetic field is absorbed by living tissue. As of today, in the United States, the maximum allowed is 1.6W / kg; however, adverse effects are observed at levels of the order of 50 times more than the standard, according to the FCC.

The Chicago Tribune report indicates that, based on its results, the FCC now makes its own inquiries. However, the state agency clarified that the tests carried out by the US media "were not as complete" as those generally presented for official compliance reports.

The medium recognized that the experiment was carried out after taking the devices to the limit, so it is quite difficult for a team to reach these levels of radiation in case of normal use.

Nowadays there is no strong scientific evidence to prove that these levels of exposure are harmful. The results obtained can only indicate that the telephones exceed the SAR levels currently regulated by the FCC.

Some recommendations so as not to be so exposed to radiofrequency waves with the cell phone they are:

Use the speaker, "hands-free" or headphones, especially those that work via Bluetooth, to move the antenna away from the device (where the waves emanate) from the head.

Send more texts and make fewer calls (except if we drive).

Limit cell phone use.