Smach Z: the portable console with Windows can be seen in video

Smach Z: the portable console with Windows can be seen in video

We have already spoken to you on previous occasions of the Smach Z. It seems that finally see the light after some delays … It is expected that we can see the final version of it during the celebration of the next E3.

The Smach Z is a portable console that runs Windows 10 as an operating system and is based on the Ryzen Embedded V1605B APU, which includes four Zen processor cores and a Vega GPU with 512 flow processors. Simply put, this is the most powerful portable console that you can face …

Smach ZSmach Z

The device was announced a long time ago, has undergone several changes in the development process, but the output is not very far. As reported, the manufacturer will show the final version at the E3 2019 exhibition, which starts on June 11. We can see how it goes on sale before the end of the year.

And until that happens, the creators of the device offer a vision of how you can play a variety of games with this console.

At the moment, the manufacturer accepts advance orders on its website. At the moment this console in the basic version can be purchased for 630 euros. If you want to buy the most powerful version of it you will have to pay the 990 euros it costs. Between both models there are some differences: the amount of RAM, the volume of the unit and the presence of the camera (in the basic version does not bring).

The important thing for many gamers is that by being compatible with Windows 10 and being portable they will be able to enjoy all their favorite video games where they are … although we imagine that they will have to do it near an energy source that allows it to be loaded …

As soon as we know more details about it we will let you know… in the meantime, keep an eye on all the news we publish on Planet Red.

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