Samsung will be working on a 7-inch tablet ┬╗ERdC

Samsung will be working on a 7-inch tablet ┬╗ERdC

Samsung will be working on a 7-inch tablet

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Tablets They are one of the main pending subjects in Android. The Cupertino company is the one that sells the most devices of this type, In addition to being one of the star products of the brand. The company of the bitten apple launched a couple of months ago, the renewal of such devices: The iPad. Now Samsung prepares its own tablet 7 inches.

Samsung's new tablet

The Korean firm is one of the few firms that if it launches this type of product and obtains a fairly high level of sales. The leaks point to the new Samsung tablet will be 7 inches, what coincidentally as we have said before, it coincides with the size of the iPad Mini. The information has come to light by having obtained the FCC certification.

Possible specifications

It will be a device with a 7-inch panel, most likely built with AMOLED technology. Since these types of panels are very common in Samsung devices. It will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 4-core processor accompanied by 2GB of RAM. As we see it would not be a very powerful tablet, although enough to move the entire operating system. Also according to rumors we will have two versions a 4G with the possibility of inserting the SIM in order to perform tasks wherever we go. Although we will also have the Wifi version The cul is the one that most users end up acquiring. The battery it will be of 4980 mAh The The price at which it is rumored to be released will be around 350 euros.

The new tablet does not know to which family it belongs, since the renewal of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A has been quite recent, and the tablets that belong to this family do not usually integrate this type of basic features. Probably either you join this Tab A family or the landing of a new family of tablets is being prepared. Although it should be noted that Lately Samsung is adjusting prices quite a bit to make a dent among the many options, at a similar price that we can find on Android. Xiaomi in this case will be out of play since their tablets have not officially left China yet.

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