Samsung responde sobre el fallo del Galaxy Note 4

Samsung responds on the Galaxy Note 4 bug

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 bugs

With the launch in South Korea of ​​the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 the Korean company intends to face the launch of the iPhone 6 Plus to make its phablet Remain the reference.

In this way they launched the launch a few days but as they say, the rush is not good advisers and the first voices that criticize the termination of Samsung's latest proposal have not been slow.

And it seems that some users who have already done with it, denounce that there is too much space between the screen and the case, something that according to the photos found, cannot be taken as a small adjustment error.

Those affected speak of a gap too wide between screen and housing, where a credit card fits quietly, something to which Samsung has responded with a brief statement:

Samsung indicates what The reported incident has no impact on the quality or functionality of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. We assure our customers that the Galaxy Note 4 units pass the strictest quality standards and manufacturers.

With this note Samsung tries to mitigate the discontent of the early adopters, when the terminal is about to be launched Enpases as important as United Kingdom, Germany or USA. October 10th.

Although for now the units affected by the problem are not major, Samsung does not indicate whether it is working to reduce the number of terminals that will suffer this problem or if it could be considered as a valid reason to use the warranty and request a new device.

And is that Little would we like to meet these problems after spending 800 euros in a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 free of origin. What will you do about it if something like this happens to you?.