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Samsung Galaxy View now available in Spain for 649

Samsung caused a stir when it presented its Galaxy View, a tablet of high dimensions with a screen which reaches 18.4 inches diagonally. In its presentation Samsung did not give details about its price or official launch in Spain, but finally we know new data.

And is that today was the date chosen by the South Korean company to present its new device in our lands, in addition to finally putting a final price on it, since although with its price from other markets we could get the idea, we still had no official confirmation.

Samsung Galaxy view now available in Spain

After a long wait, today is the day in which Samsung finally presents its new large tablet in Spain. If you found this tablet an interesting product and you were looking forward to your arrival in our country, today is your lucky day, since the Galaxy View has not only been presented today, but is already available for purchase.

galaxy view 8

In case you don't remember what hardware it included, the Samsung Galaxy View is about a huge 18.4 inch tablet and fullHD resolution with surround sound, in addition to an Exynos 7850 octacore processor and 2GB of RAM, and according to Samsung it is the ideal device to consume multimedia content in a large screen that is easy to move, thanks to its support with carrying handle. We have our doubts about whether it will have a place in the market, but of course it is a device in which Samsung has bet heavily on offering something new.

In the Software, we find Family square, an interface created by Samsung designed for larger screens in which we can access applications in a very simple way, focusing on their skills as a multimedia device. Another advantage of this interface is that we can move easily between applications simply by sliding with one finger.

The design of the device has been well taken care of to be like an easy-to-transport television, with many details in the design, as a back cover integrated in the device that acts as a support, including a carrying handle to move it as if it were a case.

The Samsung Galaxy View is available as of today, December 1st, at an official price of 649 euros, VAT included. Currently we can only acquire the white model in the official Samsung store and in Fnac, but as the days go by it will surely end up reaching the rest of the stores and in both colors, since there is also a black variant.

What do you think of Samsung's Galaxy View? Do you think it will be able to open a new market niche?

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