PUBG Mobile Lite es una realidad para móviles con 2 GB de RAM

PUBG Mobile Lite is a reality for mobiles with 2 GB of RAM

One of the games with more quality and entertainment than Google Play is PUBG Mobile. The adaptation to the touch screens was very good and allows all users who lack a compatible console or PC to play. Inside the games battle royale which are available on Google Play this is one of the best optimized. However, mid-range and low-end devices often cannot run the game correctly. Today we have very good news for all users who cannot run PUBG Mobile on their Android. The company has officially launched PUBG Mobile Lite.

It is an optimized version so that almost all mobile phones in the market can run this game. It is not exactly the same as the normal version, but to allow all those users who were left wanting to play when PUBG Mobile was launched. Now there is a good chance that you can run the game.

PUBG Mobile Lite arrives with some notable differences

You can't make an omelette without breaking the eggs and don't make a Lite version without removing content. PUBG Mobile Lite is a game that comes with some restrictions and differences regarding PUBG Mobile. One of the first things the company has reported is that now the games will be 60 players and not 100. We can also confirm that the game now does not exceed 400 MB of space.

They have removed details like each bullet and others have been implemented such as healing in motion and in any posture. All changes are focused on make games faster and easier. In PUBG Mobile Lite there will be more rewards in buildings And picking up the different objects will be easier.

This new game should run well on mobiles with less than 2 GB of RAM, although it can also be installed in other mid-range phones. The bad news in all this is that the company has launched this game for the Indian market. In Google Play it does not allow us to download PUBG Mobile Lite in Spain And you probably can't do it if you're from Latin America. The solution? Wait until the APK comes to light so that other users who do not reside in India can install it on their devices.