Pokémon Masters ya disponible en Google Play: registro previo

Pokmon Masters now available on Google Play: prior registration

For a while now we know that a new pokmon game It will reach mobile screens. Is about Pokmon Masters, a game with a very different dynamic than we can see in Pokmon Go. The idea of ​​the new game is to collect coaches and fight three against three. You must get new coaches, attacks and different evolutions to be able to advance in the game. Unlike Pokmon Go, This installment has a story mode to end up completing the game. Today we have very good news for all lovers of this saga, because Pokmon Masters has reached Google Play officially. The bad news is that you have done it in previous registration.

The launch date was set for summer 2019, so the company still has time to officially launch it. We cannot give an approximate date, since there are games that only spend a few days in previous registration and others that throw weeks in this phase.

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This game is very different from everything we've seen about Pokmon on Android. The game focuses on the 6 coaches fighting. You are in charge of managing the attacks and also the different abilities of the Pokmon. The game focuses so much on coaches that there are even combined attacks among the Pokmon and his trainers.

Pokmon Masters has a story mode and also with multiplayer. The latter is in charge of making you measure yourself with your friends. We do not know many more details about the gameplay, because all the information must be taken from a teaser video that has been published.

Some media have already tried the game and have made something clear: the company focuses too much on micropayments. Although it is possible to complete the game without paying, the game reminds you every little time that paying you can get the most complicated objects and trainers.

For now we must wait, well Pokmon Masters still cannot be downloaded. We do not know when it can be done, although it is most likely that this will happen sometime next month.

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