¡Se revelan nuevas imágenes oficiales del Nexus 6!

New official images of the Nexus 6 are revealed!

A few days ago, after the premiere of the web we show you a render of how the new successor of the Nexus range was going to be. Well now some have just appeared on the net real images of the new Motorola Nexus 6 in the hands of a user who was traveling by public transport, confirming the latest news about this.

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As we can see in the 2 photographs, a terminal is shown that in the aphysical specto is very similar to Moto X 2014 of the American firm, but it is observed that the phone screen in question, is much larger reaching almost at 6 inches Together with the two stereo front speakers. We can also highlight the volume and lock keys that are located on the side but somewhat more centered Due to the height of the smartphone. As we see at the bottom, it is clearly distinguished the keypad that is integrated into the new operating system of Google, Android L. And there is one last thing that attracts a lot of attention, and that is that in the notification bar you can see a symbol of a heart, which indicates any notification of third-party applications or is related to the new platformGoogle Fit but at the moment there is nothing confirmed.

The hands that appear play a very important role, because they show more or less how the real size of the phone is, although of course, it is too early to say it since there is no other nearby to compare it. According to sources, such as Android Police, you can confirm that this is the new Nexus 6. But you have to keep in mind that this it’s just a rumor, and we should not take it as something serious until we have more evidence or one of the two companies responsible for its manufacture and distribution move a finger and publish an official statement.

The rumors about release date of also called with the code name, Shamu, are even stronger, being able to be presented in mid-October or early November.

Do you already like the Nexus 6 more? Will you change your phone for him?