¡Nuevas noticias sobre el próximo Nexus 6!

New news about the next Nexus 6!

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While Motorola and Google They do not make any movement regarding the presentation of the next Nexus, we have seen how rumors run through the network and the occasional leak indicating that The new tenant of the Nexus family is a "Phablet."

He has been nicknamed with too many names, Nexus X, Nexus 6 I Motorola Shamu. The latest information just out of the AndroidPolice oven,confirm the name of Nexus 6and that will have a screen of 5.9 inches with a QHD resolution.

Here is the list with the filtered features of the device:

  • 5.92 ″ screen in 2K resolution
  • 13mpx rear camera with OIS stabilization. 2mpx front
  • + 3200mAh battery
  • Metal frame as the new Moto X.
  • Fast charging in 15 minutes like the new Moto X
  • Dual front speakers
  • Android “L” 5.0 with much flatter icons

Definitely 5.9 ″ is not a very compact size. Personally I would have preferred about 5.5 ″ at most, although luckily Motorola usually does a good job in terms of optimizing the margins. The main issue now happens to be the price, hopefully keep the 350 for the 16GB version.

What do you think of the Nexus 6? Would you buy one or prefer something more "small"?