Modern Warfare and more titles on Steam

Modern Warfare and more titles on Steam

The weekend is here. And, as usual, the main platforms will allow us to enjoy free games of the highest quality. If you have a PS4, you can enjoy the new alternative to Fortnite. Yes, you will have the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for free during the weekend. Although, if you like survivals, you can't miss the chance to try Deathgarden: Bloodharvest on Steam.

But, let's go in parts. To start, say that all the free games that appear in this list, are temporarily. In this way, you can enjoy these incredible titles during the weekend. So, cancel the plans you have, because these days play gamer day. More considering the incredible Steam offers.

Although, before talking about the free PC games available this weekend, it should be remembered that users of the Playstation 4 can try without checking out the incredible Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Eye, which is free, features Gunfight mode, s the Battle Royale of COD, and You don't need a PS Plus subscription to try it. Do not miss this opportunity!

The best free games available on Steam over the weekend

The creators of Dead by Daylight have taken a title from the manga that will leave you with your mouth open. In a dystopian future there are hunters and prey. In this way, in this incredible and brutal multiplayer survival You will have two options: be a hunter, or try to run away. If you choose to hunt down your rivals, have an arsenal of weapons, traps and heat detectors to find your enemies in the forest.

If you choose to be a prey, you must run away with 4 other hunter players before they kill you. A game in the purest style of Pilla, but much more macabre. You will fall in love. Right now it is in phase early access but it's worth a try. It is simply spectacular. What are you waiting for to download Deathgarden BloodHarvest.

Try Deathgarden BloodHarvest on Steam

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2

Games Workshop It is one of the most prestigious strategy game companies. And, most of the titles that lead to the videogames sector, become a real bombshell. A clear example is in Battlefeet Gothic: Armada 2. A strategy title in which you must create your own imperial army to face your opponents and conquer the entire galaxy.

A title that has an impressive graphic quality, in addition to maintaining that theme and strategic component so characteristic of the strategy game. It is much more complex than you think, and its endless possibilities will make you fall in love. Also, if you like this development, you can get it with a 40 percent discount. A detail to keep in mind.

In short, three high quality free games, and that you cannot miss to enjoy a truly peak weekend. Are you ready

Try Battlefeet Gothic: Armada 2