Meizu announces new wireless headphones and Hi-Fi adapter ┬╗ERdC

Meizu announces new wireless headphones and Hi-Fi adapter ┬╗ERdC

Meizu announces new wireless headphones and Hi-Fi adapter

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Meizu has taken advantage of its launch event where they presented the Meizu 16s. Then they have revealed a couple of wireless headphones, in addition to a audio adapter high quality. They are about Meizu POP 2, Meizu EP63 and the DAC Hi-Fi adapter from audio jack to USB-C.

TWS Meizu POP 2 wireless headphones

They are the successors of the original Meizu POPs that were launched on April 22 last 2018. Meizu POP 2 they keep the design of the original model mostly. They come in white color and with a soft light ring in blue. The charging box of the headphones seems to be the same as the previous generation. However, Meizu has focused the changes of this new generation on its internal components.

The Meizu POP 2 weigh alone 5.4 grams each piece separately. Battery capacity has been reduced in terms of numbers, with 55mAh compared to 85mAh of the previous generation, however Meizu states that the autonomy of this model can even double that of the original Meizu POP. POP 2 can last up to 8 hours on a single charge, compared to 3 hours of the previous model.

This improvement in battery is due in part to the application of the Bluetooth 5.0 LE connectivity much more efficient than Bluetooth 4.2 technology. The battery of the charging box has also been significantly reduced in figures, from 700mAh to 350mAh in this new version, but as in the previous case, the autonomous improves. Meizu says users will have up to 16 additional autonomous hours.

They use a graphene diaphragm To improve the audio. Your body has IPX5 certification. They also serve to answer calls and invoke the voice assistant on call. They leave for a lower price than the previous model, being equivalent to About 59 dollars.

Wireless headphones Meizu EP63NC with active noise cancellation

The EP63NC they are the first wireless headphones from Meizu that They have active noise cancellation. His design is collar type and integrates a AMS smart chip Noise reduction It is compatible with the audio protocol aptX-HD which greatly improves the quality.

Your battery is from 175mAh with an autonomous of up to 11 hours of playback. A 15-minute charge offers up to 3 hours of playback. Use connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 and they own IPX5 certification. This model will have a price equivalent to 74 dollars.

Meizu Hi-Fi DAC adapter

This is a USB-C audio jack adapter to enjoy your headphones in terminals without the mentioned jack port, adding also high quality sound in the middle.

Integrate a DAC Cirrus Logic CS43131 audio compatible 32bit / 384KHz. its impedance is 600, weighs only 4 grams and is compatible with Android, Windows and MacOS. Your starting price is equivalent to 25 dollars.