iPhone | Two tricks to never run out of battery | Technology and science | Mobile

iPhone | Two tricks to never run out of battery | Technology and science | Mobile

There are many attributes that have made iPhone, the phone mobile of Manzana, one of the most popular teams worldwide. With an elegant design, it is also fast and has a minimalist and exclusive operating system (iOS) for its users; however, it has never been characterized by having a battery that offers long lasting charges.

This has always been his Achilles heel. In 2017, the company admitted that it slowed its older models to preserve battery life. While Apple corrected this situation in its more modern equipment, battery life is still not exactly strong.

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Therefore, here are two tricks compiled by the specialized MacWord portal so you never run out of batteries.

Lightning charges

The first trick will help you when your iPhone has little battery, but do not have much time to charge it.

What you have to do is turn off the device or at least activate the "avin mode". The reason is simple. This will prevent your mobile from consuming a battery with the use of Wi-Fi, location services, applications that are working in the background, among other activities. If you do so, the charging process will be much faster than if the equipment is on and without "avin mode".

No cover

The second advice is a little less obvious. If you use a case or case to protect your iPhone, take it off before loading. When the iPhone gets too hot, something relatively common when connected to the charger, the battery is consumed more quickly.

Remove this kind of accessories to help the phone to cool and not increase its temperature, so that when you decide to finish the load not be so hot. Its consumption from that moment will not be so fast.

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