iPad receive their own operating system ┬╗ERdC

iPad receive their own operating system ┬╗ERdC

iPadOS: iPad receives its own operating system

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It seems that Apple wants to raise the full potential of the iPad. These tablets are 9 years old this year and the company has decided to leave iOS behind To go their own way. This is executed in the form of a new exclusive operating system called as iPadOS. It arrives with a lot of new features focused mainly on productivity. The system maintains the unified lines of Apple design as expected, but adapts several aspects and functions to the larger screen and capacity of these devices.

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Navigation interface and gestures

The home screen on iPadOS has been redesigned to show a narrower grid of icons and support widgets. The Slideover, which is Apple's version of floating window applications, allows you to slide from the bottom and launch a second window mode application. The split screen has also been improved and you can start two instances of the same program. As we see the home screen interface seeks to offer a higher level of productivity with more utilities and visible elements within our reach.

Apple has also implemented a lot of gestures on iPadOS. These will allow us to control the split screen mode and execute it from a single application. It seems that learning them all take a while but once it becomes customary to greatly improve the pace of use of applications and services, as well as navigation.

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iCloud Drive receives folder sharing and even SMB file sharing. The iPad will also support memory units, displaying the content through the Files application. ZIP file support is also offered as added.

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Safari browser

Safari has also been optimized with this new iPad approach in mind. Receive a dedicated download manager and 30 keyboard shortcuts, which brings you much closer to your desktop counterpart.

Improvements in copy and paste action

Copy and paste get their own three finger pinch gestures. Meanwhile the "Undo" action is performed with a three-finger swipe, so you don't have to shake the iPad anymore.

Apple Pencil Enhanced

Finally, the Apple Pencil has also been improved: its latency drops from 20 ms to only 9 ms, while its tool palette has been expanded and made available to third-party applications.

If Apple already dominated in the field of tablets, these developments can extend this domain even more. This is one of the pending Android where it has not been able to become a real competition for the tablets of Cupertino.