How to use Google Assistant to drive safely

How to use Google Assistant to drive safely

Google Assistant has always been a good tool to use different phone functions using voice only. This is how we saw it with the possibility of sending WhatsApp messages with the assistant without having to touch the screen, or to add stops and start routes on Google Maps, an app that you can control with your voice thanks to the assistant.

The personal assistant every day offers more facilities to drivers to ensure their safety at the wheel. The big G is developing a Driving Mode for Assistant, which It will adopt an optimized driving interface that will arrive in summer 2019. While we wait for your arrival, we will pay attention to Google's tips for safe driving using Assistant.

How to use Google Assistant to drive safely

Google knows that millions of road trips occur during summer vacations. In many of them, drivers use the company's own services to get to the destination, get to know the traffic status or listen to music. Although Google is satisfied with it, it wants to give you 8 tricks so that the use of their platforms does not involve any danger to you.

  • Share your arrival time with friends -> If you are one of those who use Google Maps to reach the destination point, you should know that you can always share the expected arrival time with your contacts. As we saw in the 16 best tutorials to master Maps on Android, share your location in real time, the expected time of arrival and destination is an option. To do it with Assistant, you will have to say “Ok, Google, share my expected arrival time with –contact name– ". Unfortunately, this assistant function is not available in all countries.

  • Discover how the traffic is -> “Ok, Google, tell me how is the traffic in Madrid” enough to know if there are traffic jams or not in the city, and allow you to take other faster routes to your destination.

  • Make a call without touching the mobile -> You do not need to use the mobile device to talk to your loved ones while driving, it is enough to “Ok, Google, call –contact name– ".

  • Check the time at the destination -> Asking Google Assistant “Ok, Google, how's the time in –location name-? ”, the assistant will give you detailed information about the current meteorological situation in the locality to which you are going.

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  • Find where to stop -> Google Assistant can also inform you about the nearest gas stations to refuel or the coffee machines that are best for you on the route to make a stop. "Ok, Google, tell me where is the nearest gas station" and "Ok, Google, what is the nearest coffee maker?" These are two of the voice commands that will help you find them.

  • Avoid boredom with podcasts or audiobooks -> A long trip can always be heavy if you don't find the right entertainment. A good option to end boredom is to listen to podcasts such as Connecting, the Android podcast in Spanish, or audiobooks. “Ok, Google, play Connecting in Google Podcasts” is the only thing you should order to the assistant

  • Control music playback -> Music is usually a common element in all trips, although sometimes you have to listen to songs that you don't like because you can't pass them. That problem disappears if you start use Google Assistant to control music playback on platforms like Spotify or YouTube Music.

  • Send messages to other contacts -> Google Assistant is an expert in sending text messages via SMS, WhatsApp, Gmail, Telegram and other platforms. To use this useful function, you just have to tell him “Ok, Google, send a message from –platform– to –contact name– ". Following the instructions of the assistant, send the message without having to touch the screen.

Google knows that it is increasingly easy to use the most important functions of the phone with your voice, and that is why it gives you these tips so that you can get the most out of Assistant while driving. Also when you arrive at the destination you will not have to worry about remembering where you have parked, Google Assistant does it for you automatically.

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