How to upgrade Windows XP to Windows 10

Windows XP is still loved by many people, and still works on millions of PCs and laptops. But it is no longer compatible with Microsoft and, therefore, you run the risk of virus attacks and malware They can take advantage of the remaining security holes.

Therefore, it is not a good idea to use Windows XP if the computer is connected to the Internet, although a good software antivirus should help.

On the other hand, since your computer or laptop is probably quite old, it may not be the time to update Windows, but the time to Buy a new laptop or PC.

However, if you cannot afford it, you may be able to install Windows 10. You will have to perform a clean installation, since there is no way to update and maintain your files, settings and programs.

It is not a limitation of Windows 10, but of XP: even if you wanted to upgrade to Windows 7 from XP, you will have to clean your hard drive and start over.

How much does Windows 10 cost?

Microsoft's Windows 10 Home costs 145 and the Pro version for professionals it will cost you 259. If you decide buy it by AmazonYou can do it for 69 euros, so it's worth checking out.

If you have questions about whether you need Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 S, then you may want to check This other article.

Should I upgrade from Windows XP?

You will be surprised at how much your computer will speed up when you install Windows from scratch.

Starting from a clean hard disk means that there is no accumulation of programs that start with Windows, which slows down its operation and depletes the valuable memory.

Another great update for an old PC or laptop is an SSD drive. Solid state drives are much, much faster than traditional hard drives and can give a new life to a computer that you think was destined for the garbage can.

If you are interested or interested, these are some of the best external hard drives and SSD of 2019.

As we said at the beginning, there are many reasons why you should not run Windows XP: it is no longer compatible and could be vulnerable to hacks and virus You also can't use Google Chrome in XP now.

If there is a program that can only be run in XP, then you can create a virtual machine in Windows 10 and run Windows XP, and its legacy program, instead.

Can I upgrade XP to Windows 10?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make an update "in situ" as with Windows 7 and 8. Essentially, you have to clean your hard drive and start from scratch.

Therefore, it is possible to install Windows 10 on an old PC, but it is not as easy as updating and maintaining your files, applications and settings.