How to fix unexpected screen flickers in Windows 10

How to fix unexpected screen flickers in Windows 10

Occasionally, and unexpectedly, the screen of laptops with operating system Windows 10 blinks Unexpectedly without having absolutely medicated any of the configuration. If this happens to you, which is very annoying, we show some actions that can be done to correct it.

If the problem is physical of the panel, little or nothing is possible to change what happens beyond the change of the component. But, sometimes, some modifications giving use to software they are enough to solve the problem of flickering in the screens of equipment that use the Microsoft operating system. And, fortunately, it is not especially complicated to achieve this. By the way, the first thing you have to try is change the installed driver, something that is achieved by knowing the graphic card model in the Device administrator and accessing the website the manufacturer.

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Modify the frequency of the screen or monitor

To get these e you have to access the Screen settings, something that is achieved by pressing the right mouse button in a free place on the desk and, in the menu it seems, choosing the option that has that name. In the window that looks like you should go to the lower area and look for a link called Advanced Screen Settings. Select the component to modify in the first drop-down if you have more than one installed- and then click on Show adapter properties.

Display options in Windows 10

A new window appears showing the properties of the monitor. Vers in the first tab a dropdown in which it is possible modify frequency of soda that is being used (in some old screens this is not possible to achieve). Ideally, set the higher number, such as 80 Hz, if available.

Review the applications you are using

To know if it is a application which gives you problems so that the screen of your laptop with Windows 10 flickers. You can know this easily by performing the following steps:

  • Open the task manager by pressing the keys Ctrl + Shift + Esc in combination
  • Look at the flashing parts of the screen, if only the new window does, the problem is with the controller. Otherwise, there is an application that gives you problems

Task Manager in Windows 10

Now you have to check if you have installed something that, now, makes you have the problems we are talking about. Ideally, check if this is corrected uninstalling some recently installed software. But be sure to check if you have Norton antivirus, the Apple iCloud application or IDT Audio, since these have already been reported to offer failures with the screens in Windows 10. But, the truth is that it will have to be checked all.

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