How to enable and enable developer options in Xiaomi

How to enable and enable developer options in Xiaomi

How to enable and enable developer options in Xiaomi

In all phones with Android operating system we have a section in which we will be able to adjust various functions that escape the majority of normal phone users. Called 'Developer Options‘And we can change, for example, the animations of the system, activate USB debugging when we want to install a ROM and a multitude of other options with which you will have to walk carefully, since changing one can modify the behavior of your phone.

Developer options on a Xiaomi mobile

This section is within the settings of our phone, but hidden within one of the sections, we assume that in order not to leave so much in sight of everyone options that can disrupt with a good user experience if we do not know What are we playing? If you are not sure about it and want to play some hidden functions on your Xiaomi, we will do the following. Remember that this trick only works on Xiaomi brand phones, if you want to activate the developer options on another phone look for the option ‘Compilation number’ and proceed as follows.

We enter the phone settings and go to the first section we found, queAbout phone‘

We are looking now for MI MIUI Version ’and click on this section about seven times, until a small pop-up window appears, at the bottom of the screen, in which we can read ‘the developer options are already activated’.

developer options 01

We return to the settings of our phone. The ‘Developer options’ section is within ‘System and device – Additional settings‘ Inside we click on ‘Developer options’ and change what we want, being careful to know very well what we are doing. Keep in mind that if we modify something and we don't know what we can vary the user experience.

Some interesting elements of Developer Options

Disable screen animations

If you notice that your phone is not going as fast as you like, you can try to give ‘speed’ to on-screen animations or, directly, disable them. To do this, go to the section ‘Design’ and look for the sections ‘Window animation level’, ‘Transition animation level’ and ‘Animation duration level’. We recommend that you place them at a 0.5% speed but if you want to remove animations altogether you can disable them without any problem.

Keep the screen on

Sometimes we prefer that the screen does not turn off, especially if we are charging it and that does not mean an expense for our battery. In the section ‘Keep the screen on’ we can activate this function. Personally, we do not advise you to use your mobile while we are charging it, especially in summer, since high temperatures can reduce the useful life of the battery.

USB debugging

If we want to install a ROM, send ADB commands to uninstall system applications or unlock our mobile bootloader, it is essential that this function we have it always activated. If all this you just read has not sounded like anything, you better go through this section.

Activate MIUI optimization and Notify about high-risk functions

Some MIUI terminals include these two options at the end of the Developer Options. There are users who claim that if you deactivate them (there is no problem for the phone) you can gain autonomy in battery. If you are having drainage problems, you can try to disable them.

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