Google Stadia, what is it? Conce all of the Google video game service

Google Stadia, what is it? Conce all of the Google video game service

Yesterday at the last minute there was an interesting news for all video game fans. We could know that Google Stadia Start your journey in November in 14 passes, and its price will be $ 10 per month, about 9 euros to change (in reality it will be 10 euros what we will have to pay).

Initially more than 30 games will be available.

A couple of weeks ago, Google promised that in this summer it would reveal the details of its Stadia streaming game service. And from what we saw yesterday this information arrived earlier than one might think.

Google held an event where they told what everyone expected to hear.

Google StadiaGoogle Stadia

What is Google Stadia?

If you are still not sure what Google Stadia is, we will try to answer all your questions. Google Stadia is a video game streaming service. In concept it is something very similar to Netflix or to Steam. We will have a platform where we can buy games in addition to enjoying others completely free.

The games we buy in Google Stadia will run on Google servers, so we will not need to have a powerful PC or portable gaming. In return we will have to pay a subscription to this service.

Google StadiaGoogle Stadia

For now what we know is that the service Stadia Start operating in November this year. Of course, I won't do it everywhere. The list of passes that can try this new Google product includes: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

That is, at the moment there are only 14 lucky passes. In the future, the list will expand. It is known that when you see the 2020 light the list of passes will be expanded, but there are no details yet.

How much does Google Stadia cost?

As for the price of Google Stadia we have to take into account that we can hire different packages. Each of these packages has a price and offers us different things.

Google Stadia Founder’s Edition

There is a package called Google Stadia Founder’s Edition priced at $ 130. It includes a gamepad in the Night Blue color (limited version), a Chromecast Ultra adapter, a three-month subscription for two and the Destiny 2 game.

Google Stadia Pro

The cost of a subscription to Stadia Pro It is 10 dollars (or 10 euros in Europe) per month. For the controller, gamepad or command the company ask us $ 70 / euro.

Stadia Pro allow us to play in 4K resolution at 60 fps with HDR support and six-channel sound.

New games will be included every month.