Google Maps gives you discounts for following your favorite locations

Google Maps gives you discounts for following your favorite locations

We had a couple of days without news from Google Maps and we were already missed, given the pace of service updates in recent weeks. But today we have new functions to talk about, although they are designed for business, they affect us users.

Google wants the owners of the premises to have more options when it comes to attracting customers from Google Maps. In addition, he knows that consumers are very likely to use the applications that give them discounts and offers to consume products.

Offers and discounts for following local

For a few months now it is possible to follow the profiles of the Google Maps stores and restaurants that interest us. This option was implemented in order to be aware of the news of this place, from schedule changes to the closing of the same, things that appear in the section For you.

The latest news from Google is to give the owners of these sites the possibility of rewarding users who follow them on Google Maps, for example with discount coupons.

In addition to this change, the service offers new functions for the premises when creating your file, with a clearer description, space for your logo and the photos created by the person in charge of the premises are seen before the ones uploaded by the customers.

It is clear that Google wants its Google Maps to become, in addition to a navigation system as accurate and complete as possible, in a place of discovery of places to go to eat, drink something or perhaps shopping. In fact, it will assign the “Local Favorite” label to those who are among the 5% best valued in each of the categories, which will encourage users to visit these sites instead of similar ones.