Google Maps añade un nuevo gesto para cambiar de cuenta

Google Maps adds a new gesture to change accounts

Google Maps It has become one of the most complete applications that exist today. The company of the great G has opted for the integration of a large number of new features in a service that is renewed every week with new features. This time we talk about a new gesture with which users can change accounts in a much simpler way of which we are accustomed to use today.

Augmented reality, the capacity of public transport, bicycle parking, speed limits and radars Many are the novelties that are coming to a Google Maps that increasingly resembles the all-in-one that Google wants to achieve with the passage of the years. The navigation app already includes many important features, now is the time to perfect the section related to the facility. This is where the new one comes into action gesture to change from one account to another. We tell you all the details.

Google Maps wants to make things easier for you

The gestures are framed as one of the most outstanding qualities that Android has added in the latest updates. Android Q shows new gestures as some of the most prominent sections in the ass that refers to the news. That is why Google will integrate this type of direct aspects in each and every one of its applications. On this occasion it has been the turn of a Google Maps of the most renovated that has included a new navigation gesture to be able to change accounts in a much more accessible way.

Up to now, switching accounts on Google Maps requires access to the photograph and clicking on the session change section. However, and according to the information of Android Police, Google is already working on a new gesture that allows a much faster change. The novelty is to slide your finger vertically to exchange one account for another. In this way everything becomes much faster and more efficient.

It is clear that the Mountain View company wants to integrate gestures in all its services and it seems that Google Maps is one of the first apps to have this kind of benefits. The most logical thing is that this novelty reaches all applications over the months.

Source | Android Police