Google confirms the Pixel 4 with an official photo And has a new camera!

Google confirms the Pixel 4 with an official photo And has a new camera!

Last year we saw how the Pixel 3 XL became one of the most filtered mobile phones in the recent history of mobile telephony. That notch so characteristic that it seemed like a joke finally ended up becoming reality.

This year something similar has begun to happen with its successor, the Pixel 4, but Google has not wanted to get angry at the leaks, but quite the opposite. Through the official account of Made by Google (the division of the company focused on hardware), the company has confirmed the Pixel 4, with an image in which we see, among other things, its spectacular camera.

Triple sensor in square format

Google has shown that it can do more with a sensor than other manufacturers with five. Despite that, in the Pixels it is not the quality and image that faltered, it was the versatility.

The Pixel 4 confirms in this image that it will come with a triple rear sensor, what we assume (because it has not been confirmed) means that it will have an angular sensor and a wide angle sensor. The telephoto is normal that does not appear since Google continues betting on its lossless zoom, which we have already seen that does not give the same results as the optical.

We also see that there is an LED flash and a third sensor that could be a ToF, which would improve the behavior of the camera with augmented reality applications, in portraits and much more.

The physical buttons are maintained

Another of the things we see in the image, in addition to the camera, are the buttons. If we look at the cell phone from the front we will have both the ignition and the volume in the right area, a placement that does not change with respect to the previous Pixel, something that does not make us happy.

We also see the Google logo in the back area, where, eye, there is no fingerprint sensor.

Without fingerprint sensor

This can mean three things. Either Google has decided to implement the fingerprint sensor on screen as many manufacturers do today, or has opted for an advanced facial recognition system such as the iPhone, or both.

Ahead we have no official images, but some filtered as we tell you this morning.

There is still a lot until October, at which time these mobiles will be made official, but surely we will know much more about them, officially or unofficially.