3 x1 in SEGA free games: Golden Ax completes the trilogy

Golden Ax completes the triloga

In a movement that honors SEGA The Japanese company decided to bring back to Android the classic games that many enjoyed as children. SEGA Forever is the name of the retro game line; a line that not only revives the classics by updating its control and adapting it to the touch screens, it also allows let's play totally free. With ads, yes, but without costing us anything.

SEGA Forever He has just added two new free games to his already huge list, but for now they are not really new titles, but updates. Specifically, it is the mythical Golden ax the one who receives this update: now you can enjoy the trilogy completely free. Golden Ax I, II and III, a trilogy that not only will bring you pleasant memories, will also fill your leisure time with one of the best Beat ‘em up of the Japanese developer.

SEGA updates the Golden Ax game including the entire free trilogy

3 x1 in SEGA free games: Golden Ax completes the trilogy

1989 was the year of launch of Golden ax, a title of horizontal advance in which we had to fight against every living enemy that would be thrown at us. Three mythological characters to choose from: the barbarian, the amazon and the dwarf; with mounts as strange as dragons that spit fire.

The three parts of Golden Ax are now included in the same download: You will not need to install anything else to enjoy the whole saga. It works perfectly on almost any Android, virtual controls are very well adapted, allows offline play and, without a doubt, the best, it will cost you nothing to relive the best times of SEGA.

You can now download the entire trilogy of Golden ax on your mobile And if you had already downloaded the original SEGA Forever game you will have an update that includes Golden Ax II and III. You know: complete them all and get the mythical golden ax.