Game Booster, Optimize your PC for Games

Game Booster, Optimize your PC for Games

Game Booster, Optimize your PC for Games

Many of our readers will use their PC almost exclusively to play. But as we all know, the video game of last generation every time they make greater use of the CPU and of the RAM available. This means that many times we have to be constantly updating our equipment if we want to run a video game with some ease.

On many occasions the fluency problems in a video game they are not so much hardware problems as caused by a bad configuration of our equipment, that is why today we recommend a program that aims improve our PC precisely at this point.

Game Booster it is a tool that allows you to make the ┬źsettings" necessary for optimize the performance of our teams when they run video games, eliminating services that are not used, improving the use of RAM, allowing us to close some or all of the applications that are running, etc …

In addition, this application does not work only for games, we can also use it when we need to remove the maximum performance of our PCs if we have to start "heavy" applications (video editing…)

Game Booster it's compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 CR.

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