First look at the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 in pictures ┬╗ERdC

First look at the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 in pictures ┬╗ERdC

First look at the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 in images

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The Mi Band 4 be the next smartband to reach the market by Xiaomi. It is not the first time his name comes out, since he has received certifications such as Bluetooth. Today we have new filtered information in the form of real images. Photos of the future Mi Band 4 have emerged through which we can have a first Look at your design.

Images of the Xiaomi mi Band 4

The photos come from an entity Taiwan certifier, the NCC. In the photos of the Mi Band 4 we can see that we will have a rectangular screen. This screen be glass cover with curved edges and have thick frames around. There's a capacitive circular button below the screen with a design different from that of the Mi Band 3. You can see a heart rate sensor that being a new generation will get better.

Another notable change is in the load pin position. They have moved from the side placement of the Mi Band 3 to the back of the device. This will mean that the Mi Band 3 charging cable will not work with this new quantizer bracelet. This will not be strange since the same situation occurred with the charging cable of the Mi Band 3 with respect to the Mi Band 2, the previous generation being incompatible with the most recent.

The photos have also included the charging cable of the Mi Band 4. The cable is designed as a base such that the smart bracelet sits on top to charge. With the new design of the Mi Band 4, it is also likely that the belts for the Mi Band 3 are not compatible with the new model that will come later.

The Mi Band 4 offer a largest battery with 135mAh of capacity according to the images. Seeing that he receives many certifications lately his launch will take place during this month of May.


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