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Everything you need to know when buying a 100 euros phone

Cheap mobile

Although we all like expensive phones, with a spectacular photographic section and with the possibility of using accessories as in the case of the S Pen and the new and spectacular Samsung Galaxy Note10, the truth is that not everyone can pay up to 1000 euros when purchasing a new terminal.

There are many users who, for whatever reason – or cannot afford it or just for them, a smartphone is somewhat secondary – have a very limited budget. And we are not talking about having a range of 200-300 euros where we can buy really interesting mid-range smartphones, if not just 100 euros. What should be taken into account when choosing a smartphone of 100 euros? We are going to help you not to screw up.

Good storage

Micro SD

Expecting that in this price range the technical specifications of the terminals that we can choose are not going to be to launch rockets, we will opt for a smartphone that has a good storage capacity.

Normally and unfortunately, we will find phones with up to 8 GB of storage memory in this price range. Obviously we will flee from these, since we install basic applications and take a couple of photographs, we will run out of internal memory on the phone. 16 GB is also not a panacea – better if we find something 32 GB – although we can always make use of storage using microSD cards.

Enough RAM

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As we mentioned above, for 100 euros we will not find really powerful phones or take good pictures, but the idea is purchase a smartphone that can be used for at least more than two months without the performance being terrible.

For it, We will completely discard any device with 512 MB of RAM If we do not want to throw our money in the trash and although the desirable and recommended are 2 GB of memory at least, in case we acquire a phone with Android One or Android GO we can opt for 1 GB of RAM.

A decent screen

Redmi Note 7, screen

The screen is another of the fundamental pillars in a cheap phone. Even if we are not going to find the screen quality of the OnePlus 7 Pro, again We will discard any device with lower quality than HD or 720p.

There is nothing worse than watching a YouTube video, a photo on Instagram or a Twitter post with a poor quality screen. Our eyes will thank you.

Battery for the whole day