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everything we think we know about the next flagship of the S-Pen

everything we think we know about the next flagship of the S-Pen

We talked the other day about the seasonality of some launches, and the one that has won the hype Freehand is the Note that from some years summons us to the first week of August. A date that we have every day closer and that is why it is not over everything we hope to see in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

The exact date: the August 7th. At the beginning of this month the company made public the call to Unpacked in which it is expected that it will publicize its flagship faithfully accompanied with the S Pen. Although that is, we do not talk about Note, but Notes.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Invitation

Frame and perforated screen reduction

The Samsung Galaxy S were among the first to star in a design with very small frames, helped in some way by the Edge line and its curved screens that maximize that feeling of minimal edges. Following that trail, but more specifically what we saw in the Samsung Galaxy S10, we will also see screens bored in the Note, according to the leaks.

The reduction of frames and the perforated screen in the center will be confirmed, at least according to what we have seen in various leaks among which are some of the most recent of Evan Blass. In the images published by the well-known filter we see a more angled corners, rounded sides and an even more prominent screen that show a unibody design, consolidated and with continuity.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10: one to four models, 5G and everything we think we know about it

Thus, the Note will inherit the bored screen Infinity-O (the manufacturer's own name) and there is talk of a change in the aspect ratio. According to some supposed benchmarks, the Note 10 will go from 18.5: 9 of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to 19: 9 which also have the S10.

What we do not see in any filtered image is the 3.5 mm jack, which will coincide with previous leaks that indicated that this connector will disappear for the first time in the Note series. In this way, at the edges of the smartphone we will see the entrance of the S Pen, the slots for speaker and microphone, the buttons (with one for Bixby) and the SIM tray.

Some images that show that at least there will be a Note 10+, following the nomenclature that we already saw in the Samsung Galaxy S10 +, although Blass himself did not speak of two models, but of three Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Which would also fit with the variety that those benchmarks that we mentioned before showed.

As for the aesthetics, it seems that the Note will get into the car of the gradients and that in its back we will see a holographic gradient which in at least one of the colors shows pink, turquoise and cyan tones. Renders have also been seen with a more classic black finish, so perhaps we will see two lines of color to satisfy more types of public.

Vertical cameras and battery according to size

It is assumed that the differences between one model and another will be in some of the internal components, cameras and 5G compatibility. Perhaps we will see a scheme similar to the differentiation between the Galaxy S10, starting from the same processor and varying in RAM and battery.

Thus, it is expected that this new flagship of the manufacturer integrates a Snapdragon 855+ for at least one of its configurations, perhaps with an equivalent to the new Exynos 9825 for other markets (following this particular tradition in Samsung smartphones). About the battery, the leaks mention 4,300 mAh for the Note 10+, and 3,500 mAh for the Note 10, with storage that will go up to terabyte of internal memory (no need for microSD) for the larger model.

For that apparent Note 10e there is talk of a 3,400 mAh battery. It will be less than that of Note 9 (4,000 mAh) and equivalent to that of the standard S10, and also according to Forbes the Note 10 (without specifying model) have the UFS 3.0 system that we saw (until we could in the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

The cameras of the Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10, S10 + and S10 5G, explained: new candidates for best photographic mobile of 2019

They are expected to ride three rear cameras (varying in configuration), changing another of the traditions in the first-line Galaxy: the camera scheme will no longer go vertically, but horizontally. Probably the sensors and optics are similar to those of the S10 +, hoping to see the fashion bet of the line with a standard objective, a telephoto lens and a wide angle.