Dragon Quest Walk, an AR game that will come to Android soon ┬╗ERdC

Dragon Quest Walk, an AR game that will come to Android soon ┬╗ERdC

Dragon Quest Walk, an AR game that will come to Android soon

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The formula of games that make use of potential of augmented reality on our mobile devices It has become popular in recent years. Proposals have been submitted as Minecraft Earth AR and Harry Potter Wizards Unite, in addition to the already very popular Pokemon go. Now Square enix arrive with another similar offer based on one of their popular sagas: Dragon Quest Walk. It has been published a video trailer on YouTube, which gives us an idea of ÔÇőÔÇőhow crazy the world can be when new AR characters suddenly appear. Game developer It has not provided much information about its playability. We can expect many similarities with Pokemon Go definitely.

Dragon Quest Walk arrive on June 11

Dragon Quest Walk is described as a AR exploration game. That is, it will be required that the player leaves his home and visits real world places. Missions will be completed if you visit new locations. Game mechanics and gameplay are not yet available, but the video shows monsters of all types and sizes. Even a huge monster that emerges from a large snowy mountain.

Square Enix launch the new game on June 11. The same start as closed beta version, so at the beginning things will be far from perfect. First go out in Japan, but it is not known when the international version is ready. We hope it does not take too long because the proposal does not result in the most original, if it looks interesting and brings the dragon Quest saga with it.

As we said before, the playable details of the title have not been revealed from the developer. At the moment we can only remember the old Dragon Quest games to get an idea of ÔÇőÔÇőwhat to expect from Square Enix. From this saga there have been many titles from the launch of the original game. Today we have the Dragon Quest II to Dragon Quest IV, Dragon Quest V, Dragon Quest VI and Dragon Quest VIII, not counting derivative games and other versions of which we are forgetting.

Currently on Android we have Dragon Quest VIII as a paid game in the Play Store. It is a game J-RPG very complete which was ported directly from its version on desktop consoles. So if you want to get close to the saga it could be a good starting point.


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