Download the new Disney game on your mobile: Disney Epic Quest

Download the new Disney game on your mobile: Disney Epic Quest

Mobile games are increasingly important in the market. Despite that there is a clear trend towards a type that allows users to download the proposals for free and then, if we want to make micropayments within them. They are called freemium.

Within this type there are also numerous actions that invite us to use it daily, such as giving us a chest if we connect every 24 hours.

This is something we have seen in many games and now Disney joins the fashion with Disney Epic Quest, an action game with touches of role, easy to use and friendly characters. And that is its greatest virtue.

Simple but intense struggles

The center of the game is the battles between the Disney characters. As soon as we start we will control Jack Sparrow and we will be able to start fighting in a simple tutorial in which we will learn to move and use the different attacks available, near or at a distance.

Above the movement button we will have the shortcuts to change characters depending on the equipment we have assembled. Each of the members has different qualities and we have to improve them in the corresponding section of the game.

Many characters and many options

Our initial team is small but by opening chests, which we can win or pay, we can get more. We also have to improve each of the characters and evolve them. All these characters are recreated in 3D with characteristic movements.

Various game modes

Although at the beginning we will start with the story mode, Disney Epic Quest has other games such as Arena or Daily Missions, which we will be unlocking as we level up.

The game is free and although it is not yet in the Google Play Store we can download it without problem in UptoDown.