DOOM y DOOM II ya disponibles para Android, aunque tendrás que pagar

DOOM and DOOM II now available for Android, although you will have to pay

In the world of videogames, there are a few titles that have marked entire generations and that have helped make the games today as they are. DOOM is one of those games. A first person shooter in which we had to face a series of demons with a wide variety of weapons. Blood and action overflowed in this game for computers with DOS. Now and after a long time being requested by the most nostalgic, finally we can have the first two titles of the saga in our mobile devices.

Bethesta is emphasizing mobile devices lately. This was demonstrated with the last game of The Elder Scrolls and now with the launch of DOOM and DOOM II for our Android phones. Since it is a complete game and not just an adaptation, we must pay to play any of these games, but we assure you that there will be few hours of fun you will spend with any of them.

First of all, you should know that both DOOM and DOOM II for your Android phone, require that the same count on Android 8.0 Oreo or higher. If not, you will find an incompatibility message that will not allow you to download or buy this game. Yes, we have said to buy and it is that it is the original DOOM game and its sequel, so it is quite obvious that we will have to go through the box to be able to enjoy everything that these first-person shooters offer that both have marked what It is today's gaming.

Specifically, we must pay 5.49 euros for each of the deliveries (something more than 6 dollars). It is a somewhat high price for a mobile platform game, but again we remember that it is the same one that you could have played more than 25 years ago (or that your parents played) and that inside there is no other way to generate benefits. If we want mobile gaming to grow in quality, we must accept that for this we must accept payment for a video game as we do with consoles.

So if you want to have a good time on your vacation killing a few (many) demons, for something more than 5 euros you can enjoy all the action (and blood) that DOOM offers to all players with Android phones.