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Bose Portable Home Bluetooth Speaker: design, features and price

Bose Portable Home Bluetooth Speaker: design, features and price

We have been listening to rumors about an enigmatic Sonos wireless speaker for some time to be presented very soon. But, it seems that Bose, one of his great rivals, has come forward presenting his portable Bluetooth speaker. A device that points very high thanks to its incredible design and complete features. The terror of Amazon Echo and Google Home.

For starters, this Bose portable Bluetooth speaker features a spherical design. The reason? In this way, the Bose Portable Home It can offer 360 degree sound, ideal for any environment. To this, we must add a handle that allows us to take it wherever we want. And eye, which has very measured dimensions: 19 cm high and 10 cm wide.

If we add to this its 495 grams of weight, we have a comfortable and handy device to take it anywhere. More if we take into account that the new Bose portable Bluetooth speaker is splash resistant thanks to its IPX4 certification. Exactly, it is much more usable than its great rivals, the Amazon Echo range, or the Google Home of the American giant.

Bose Portable Home Bluetooth Speaker

Bose Portable Home, the Bluetooth speaker compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant

At the rear it has a USB Type-C port for charging the device, which reaches 12 hours of playback without problems. Although, if we prefer, we can buy an optional charging base that is sold separately at a price of $ 29.

On the other hand, at the top of this Bose Bluetooth speaker, we find the different controls, which allow us to increase and decrease the volume, pass the song or manually activate the different voice assistants with which it is compatible.

Bose Portable Home Bluetooth Speaker

Little must be said of the Sound quality to offer the Bose Portable Home. Any solution of this manufacturer is a real delight, fulfilling the needs of the most audifile users. So, the new Bose portable Bluetooth speaker sound really good with total security.

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To this, we must add its cWiFi and Bluetooth activity, admitting voice assistants Alexa and Google Assistant. On the other hand, the connectivity options of this device are not left ah. This new rival of Amazon Echo and Google Home can be linked to a multi-room sound system to create a scandal sound experience.

Bose Portable Home Bluetooth Speaker

In addition, it has support with AirPlay 2, so that users of iOS devices can get the most out of it. Its price? The Bose portable Bluetooth speaker will reach the market on September 19 at a price of $ 349. It will be necessary to see when to arrive in Spain and what price it will have, although the most likely is that the Bose Portable Home costs 349 euros when it lands in our country.

Obviously, this model is more expensive than any Amazon Echo, or the Google Home range. But in return, we have a device that offers infinitely superior sound quality. And the fact that you can use the main voice assistants wherever you want, is a detail to take into account.