BEST SMALL cell phones of 2019

BEST SMALL cell phones of 2019


There are still small cell phones that fit in your pocket.

Angela Lang / CNET

Either because you have smaller hands or because you don't like huge cell phones because they take up a lot of space, the truth is that small or compact cell phones still exist. There are not many, so we have put to work to find the five best that are still for sale so you can keep an eye on them and decide if any of them is worthy of getting into your pocket.

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iPhone 8: small but with borders

In the fifth position we have the iPhone 8. Launched in 2017 is still on sale and is one of the most compact cell phones on the market. Its size of 4.7 inches is tender, and you can easily put it in your pocket, and writing with it is wonderful; However, what makes him stay in the fifth position is that he has large bezels and the Start button at the bottom is already a thing of the past.

It is one of the best size options at the moment, especially if you are a lover of Apple phones, although I do not like it so much that the screen barely occupies a little more than 65 percent of the front.

This iPhone 8 is the cheapest, and can be found from US $ 599.

Galaxy S9: less edges

The Galaxy S9 It is still undoubtedly a great option available to buy when it comes to small cell phones that you can put in your pocket.

In particular, I like it a bit more than the iPhone 8 because the screen has good features and its size of 5.8 inches is smaller than the current standard, but large enough to watch a series while you are on the train.

Another point in favor of this cell phone is that it has a screen that occupies more than 83 percent of the front, something that makes it lose a large part of those ugly edges that were fashionable until 2018. You can find it from US $ 350.

Pixel 3: It's not that pretty, but it's small

In the third position we have a telephone that when we talk about design is not my favorite, because it is sper bland. In fact for me it is like seeing life in black and white and not color. Its about Pixel 3, whose operation is ideal and if you are looking for a cell phone easy to put in your pocket, this is one of the best you will find in the market. Its screen is 5.5 inches, and occupies 77.2% of the front of the cell phone.

This cell phone is quite comfortable to write, your camera is good and comes with Pure Android. Its price is 799 dollars, although Google always has offers to buy it cheaper.

iPhone XS: small and powerful

And now, we reach the second position of small and high-end cell phones that are worth it at this time. And here we have nothing more and nothing less than iPhone XS.

This is the newest Apple cell phone that maintains a small screen of 5.8 inches, and its panel occupies more than 82 percent of the front of the cell because it eliminates the Start button on the iPhone 8.

The truth is that the iPhone XS has been my personal cell phone for a few months, and the ease of writing, taking it to your pocket and its beautiful design make it worthy of this position, although of course we always have the problem of its exorbitant price that for the The most basic version is US $ 999.