Mejores aplicaciones para seguir La Liga: resultados, clasificaciones...

Best applications to follow La Liga: results, rankings …

Surely many of you were waiting for the Spanish Professional Football League to begin. No matter where six, Spanish football unleashes passions and you probably want to follow it in detail. That is why we wanted to make a collection of applications so you can follow it without losing detail. Also We also have a bonus for those who are somewhat short of storage on your phone. All alternatives are free, in case you have any questions.

In addition, having an application will not make you have to stop using another one, since they all have unique functions that will make you enjoy La Liga like never before, without missing any details. Sorry to tell you that with any of these applications you can view matches, as many of them are issued in payment chains and that will end up being illegal, but you can follow minute by minute all the matches of the competition.

The League: the official application never fails

On the 90th anniversary of La Liga, we cannot not have tested the official application of La Liga. It's compatible with any phone with Android 4.4 KitKat or later, so you will have no problem installing it on your phone if it is not already more than 5 years old. The weight of the application is 33 MB, so it does not take up much space in your terminal. Once installed, see how you don't lose detail of everything related to La Liga.

La Liga official app

First, we are asked what our favorite team is. Basically this is to have a superior analysis for that equipment in some sections of the application, but we can have all the information of any equipment. On the main screen of the application we can see the match schedule, which team plays against which team. Once each match is over, in this section we will also see the results.

By touching on the game in question, we can see the alignments of each of the teams and the statistics of the match, such as fouls, crners in favor, yellow cards, scoring chances, etc. Anyway, a complete analysis of each match. As it could not be otherwise for the official application of La Liga, we can also consult the classification of the competition or different rankings: goals, passes, fouls, goals conceded. In short, absolutely everything, for lovers of this competition, is the best application available.

La Liga - Fuball Offiziellen App La Liga - Fuball Offiziellen App

Soccer results: for international competitions

With the previous application, we can only follow Spanish football, but we know that many of you read us from other countries. Therefore, with the Football Results application You can follow the results and rankings of any league in the world. If you feel like Maldini and want to be aware of any league on the planet, this is your application. From it you can consult any detail regarding football that interests you.

The lower menu facilitates the use with one hand and first we will be shown news, but the interesting thing is the league section. We can enter each continent and each country to see the details of each league, s, including La Liga. In this application we can also follow the results live, statistics and even comments of the game by other users of the application, so it also has a social section.

From the application we can follow a series of rankings, although more limited than those of the La Liga application, because We can only see the goal scorers, assists, red and yellow cards. Honestly, it doesn't take much more unless you're an enthusiast. Within the app we can make purchases, but it is not necessary to use it with normality and complete functions.

BeSoccer - Fuball Ergebnisse BeSoccer - Fuball Ergebnisse

Bonus: don't use any app thanks to Google

Correct, you don't need to use any application to follow La Liga. Only with what Google offers us is more than enough. This alternative may be recommended for those of you who are somewhat fair in storage or who consult competition information in a special way only. Searching on Google: La Liga, we see a card with a lot of information about it. We can follow that card to receive information directly in the Google feed.

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From Google, we can see the schedule of matches, lineups, match statistics, news of interest, ranking and dozens of interest options. Within each match, we can also visualize the probability of victory of a team, of another and of tie. We assume that this is focused on bookmakers, something that Pro Android strongly rejects, but it may be of interest to know what to expect from each game.