Novedades en Spotify: Automix y adiós a los widgets

Automix and goodbye widgets

Every so often the people of Spotify It leaves us with news in its application. Today is one of those days in which we know the news that will arrive shortly to the stable application. But today everything is not good news, since within the news there is a function that disappears from the application. It's not something dramatic, but it may affect you if you're a fan of personalization and you have a Spotify widget in one of your screens. These developments have been discovered thanks to a APK that is not yet public, so you have to wait to see them implemented.

Right now Spotify It is the most used music service in the world and has millions of daily users. A small percentage of users can be a large number of people, so all changes affect. When a function is eliminated there are usually complaints and surely the decision made by the company will not remain in the air.

Playlists premiere the Automix


The name may be revealing enough. Automix is ​​a function that allows us to forget the jumps between song and song. The algorithm will detect the BPM of each track and make a smooth transition between the end of a song and the beginning of the next. Automix function as a kind of Automatic DJ that eliminates pauses between one track and another.

Run on playlists and do not come active by default. It is a perfect function for parties, because the music does not stop playing at any time. It still can't be tested, but most likely it will arrive in the next update.

Add to widgets: Spotify remove them

multi-device spotify

The APK has also shown that Spotify say goodbye to widgets. The application eliminate these elements and users who have an active one will see how it is no longer functional. It is bad news, because it is a function that does not bother anyone and that offers a service to users who use this type of elements in their customization.

Spotify has recognized the removal of widgets, so it is not a mistake. The company is justified by saying that the permanent notification does the same and can be deleted once you have finished playback.

These two changes may arrive with the next update of Spotify. We still don't know when, but we are sure that it will happen in the very near future.

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