Harry Potter Wizards Unite: todas las novedades de la versión 2.1

all the news of version 2.1

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite It has become the fashion game for millions of users who have already been able to download it from Google Play. The new title of Niantic is on its way to becoming another authentic success, and that is that after Pokmon GOEverything seems to indicate that augmented reality is here to stay. Of course, none of these games will succeed if Niantic were not so constant at the time of Update the different versions. In this case we talk about the 2.1 update and all the news that comes with it.

While we wait for the Community Day to take place on Saturday July 20, from Niantic have decided to announce all the news that comes to their new game with the latest update. The version 2.1 of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite It has already been released and can be purchased from Google Play instantly. We tell you all the details.

Everything new to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Niantic continues with the same strategy that I already carried out with Pokmon GO in which updates are one of the fundamental pillars of thematic. The constant introduction of news also officially arrives at Harry Potter: Wizards Unite with a list that has just been published by the game's own website.

Magical challenges

  • Notices before a challenge to report on low levels of magnesium energy
  • Spell Energy on camera screen
  • New challenge and data registration page
  • Reduction of XP rewards in cameras 1 and 8, and increase from camera 11


Now you can change the name in the settings. The change can only be made once.

Map and positions

  • You can see the magical energy on the map
  • Increase the effectiveness of all exstmulo potions in combat.

News in the identification of the Ministry

  • Added butter beer cork necklace Portrait lens; this item is unlocked at level 4
  • Added Death Eater Portrait Frame; this item is unlocked at level 25
  • 3 new stickers were added: Beauxbatons carriage, Durmstrang ship and Beauxbatons butterflies
  • 2 new stickers were added that you can unlock with Gold: Malfoy Family Crest and Summer Whomping Willow

In another section we find the correction of failures as another of the highlights of the new update. Version 2.1 of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite fix the error of access to the tutorial of level 6. Now you can select the section "Lessons" to access the entire tutorial. The augmented reality mode within a Portkey has also remedied its navigation failure in Android phones. Without forgetting the language correction. Spanish players will no longer have to watch newspapers in Latin Spanish.All these developments will reach the terminals throughout the world over the next few hours.

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