all the news of the new version

all the news of the new version

PUBG Mobile - PlayerUknown's Battlegrounds for mobile

The one who still today is still one of the Battle Royale most played on Android with over 400 million downloads, PUBG Mobile, receive today a new update that takes you to the version 0.14.0, premiering with it a new game mode, and many other novelties as the game developers announce on their Twitter profile.

The main novelty of this new version of the game is the "Infection" mode, which allow players control the zombies and hunt down the rest of the battle participants. However, many other changes and developments that promise to improve the experience when playing are included.

PUBG Mobile version 0.14.0 can now be downloaded

PUBG Mobile infection

Although the official website of PUBG Mobile has not been updated to reflect the changes, a good part of the news already appears on the game page in the Google Play Store. The changelog is formed by a total of nine changes and improvements which begin to be available from today:

  1. New Infection game mode and new map.
  2. New character system. Unlock more appearances and skills
  3. Pirate theme in the main menu and Global Treasure Hunt
  4. Royale Pass Season 8 with replenishment popular elements
  5. Enhanced Daily Quest System
  6. Android installation package size has been reduced
  7. Adjusted inventory interface
  8. Fixed climbing bugs
  9. Fixed a bug that caused the characters to get stuck in the buildings

The new version has begun its deployment through Google Play, and in the next few hours it should be available for download in the form of an update on all Android devices on the planet. Just access the Google Play Store app to check for updates, and if so, start the installation of this version 0.14.0.

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