A game like before, as is the successor of Leo`s Fortune

A game like before, as is the successor of Leo`s Fortune

I have been using mobile phones for more than two decades and smartphones for more than one. Throughout that time I have installed, played and tested dozens of games and none have endured as much on my smartphone as Leo`s Fortune. It is one of the titles that I always use to analyze the performance of the phones I try and is a demonstration that a good game can be simple.

Its developer launched a few months ago a new title for iPhone and iPad, called Oddmar. Today this game comes to Android and puts us in the shoes of a Viking who will live many adventures.

A worthy successor of Leo`s Fortune

When we run for the first time Oddmar We started to see reminiscences of Leo`s Fortune. A sad story, very well told and with a simple but elegant design. In both games we are told the story of the protagonist and we are taught to handle it in the different scenarios that the game has.

In the case of Oddmar there are 24 hand-designed scenarios spread across 4 worlds in totalAt the end of each one we must face a final boss, something very old school. This game has won the German Design Award 2019 and the Apple Design Award 2018.

A classic platform game

The control of the game is simple, with an area to move horizontally on the left side of the screen and to jump we must slide up on the right side, just as we did in Leos`Fortune.

We will have to go through the different phases, dodging holes that will kill us and jumping over enemies to kill us, preventing them from touching us. We also have to collect the golden triangles that appear along the way and look for the three stars of each phase.

It is not free even if it seems

Like Leo`s Fortune, Oddmar is not a free game although it works with purchases within the application. The first chapter we can play without paying, to test the game and if we want to complete it we must make a purchase in the application of 5.49 euros.

It is appreciated that we can play offline if we want, after downloading the necessary game data, of course.