The 5 best applications and games of the week

The 5 best applications and games of the week

As every week, there are hundreds of applications and games that are released in the official Android application store, the Google Play Store. A lot of news that, however, can be reduced to a handful in terms of quality and fun. That is what we have proposed: choose the best in apps and games.

Android is extremely prolific in games, not so much in apps; hence it is much easier to highlight the first than the second: our top today consists of 4 games and an app. If you were looking for fresh sap for your smartphone you have reached the right place.

Spirit Roots

This is a great classic cutting platforms With very good graphics and great playability. Remember slightly to Rayman, both in the waste of the imagination and in the animations. Without being excessively long it is of remarkable quality. And highly recommended.

The biggest drawback of Spirit Roots is that it is a paid game and with a somewhat high cost: 4.99 euros. In return you take a great platform that you will enjoy without ads and without in-app purchases, something strange today.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

After the real revolution that we live with Pokémon Go, Niantc repeat with augmented reality and the combination of physical and virtual game adapted the Harry Potter universe to mobiles. The game is already active since yesterday Saturday in Spain, so you can download it to give you a glimpse through your city in search of magical creatures, enchanted objects and endless mysteries.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite It is a huge game in all the breadth of the adjective. Much more complex than Pokémon Go, with a story that spins mechanics, is loaded with iconic characters and the evolution within the game promises to be constant and also very entertaining. We are already hooked.

Dota Underlords

The 5 best applications and games of the week

This new game of Valve has entered strongly this week among our favorite downloads. Based on mode AutoChessThis turn-based combat game provides a great deal of excitement in online multiplayer games, reserving an offline system of battles in order to practice in order to acquire some practice.

Dota Underlords It is still under test, so you should keep it in mind before downloading it. It is a great game of AutoChess and one of those titles that will hit hard during the next months, both on mobile and PC. It even allows cross play.

Train taxi

The 5 best applications and games of the week

It's the casual game of the week, a whole update of the mythical Snake or Snake of the Nokia. Of course, instead of a snake you must control trains; in a succession of levels that will challenge you with increasing difficulty. Train taxi It is a good game to hang out, does not aspire to much more. Nor less.

One of the biggest problems of this game is that, being so popular (more than 10 million downloads currently, and that is new), it is full of ads. Although there is a "trick" that works perfectly: you can play it in airplane mode. You will enjoy it much more.

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