KnowRoaming: use your mobile's eSIM to access fast data when traveling

KnowRoaming: use your mobile's eSIM to access fast data when traveling


The iPhone XS, XR and iPhone XS Max (pictured) are some of the eSIM compatible mobile phones with KnowRoaming. Pixel 3 and 3 XL are also compatible.


KnowRoaming presents its new plans to allow local data connectivity the week of July 15 when you travel to Europe or the United States using an eSIM on your cell phone.

The service can be activated by simply scanning a QR code, which makes it relatively simple and fast. However, to be able to access that QR code, you need to download the KnowRoaming app (available on Google Play for Android and App Store for iPhone), register your eSIM with its serial number (it is found in the cell phone settings ) and provide your email.

Once this is done, KnowRoaming sends the QR code to that registered email so you can then scan it from the cell phone settings. If you have an iPhone, you can do this by opening Settings> Cellular or data> Add cellular plan. On Android, you open Settings> Network and Internet> Mobile networks.

KnowRoaming offers two plans: one of 1GB with a price of US $ 9.99 for 30 days and another of 5GB with a price of US $ 39.99 for the same period of time. The company also sells additional data through its app.

The KnowRoaming service is compatible with cell phones that currently have an integrated eSIM, such as the Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR.

We had the opportunity to try the KnowRoaming service in February and March in Europe (during and after the Mobile World Congress) and our experience was very good.

Compared to what we experience with Google Fi, which offers roaming of free data androamingregular (with additional cost) that we have tested with AT&T, the sealand KnowRoaming connectivity was superior, since I frequently offered better download and upload speeds to load pages in just seconds. In addition, the coverage we received with KnowRoaming in Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and Greece was higher than what we experienced with Google Fi and AT&T with roaming,Well, we managed to have connectivity in many more places.

One of the advantages of KnowRoaming is that the service has the possibility of switching between different operators depending on your location. In addition, unlike plans of different operators that include roaming "free", KnowRoaming offers the maximum overall speed offered by the operators where you are traveling; as if you were, practically, a local customer. Many operators that include that roamingIn their plans, they generally end up limiting speeds to 2G, instead of offering the full potential of local networks that generally offer 4G LTE speeds. It is true that KnowRoaming represents an additional cost, but it is certainly worth it.


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KnowRoaming also offers other plans through physical SIM cards and tags that are placed on your SIM card to offer the same experience.

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