How to add a front notification LED to your Android

How to add a front notification LED to your Android

The front notification LED was a common element in mobile phones a few months ago, although we can no longer say the same. More and more manufacturers, such as OnePlus with their OnePlus 6T, decide to do without the LED that notifies users visually.

While other companies such as Samsung work to develop alternatives to the notification LED, we we present an effective and immediate solution for the absence of this element on your Android mobile. Attentive, because to receive notifications in the form of light you just have to download an application.

How to add a front notification LED to your Android

The fashion among manufacturers to dispense with the front LED of notifications makes it very possible for you to have a mobile without this light. Don't worry because you can enjoy the same function thanks to the NotifyBuddy app. To start, the first thing you should do is download and install it from the Google Play Store.

The interface of the app is clear and its use is simple, so it only takes a few seconds to manage the notifications to your liking. To check it, first you have to give it necessary permissions to NotifyBuddy so that it has access to notifications and can be displayed above of other apps.

Once you have completed this mandatory step, it is time for you to decide which applications on your mobile will send you notifications via the NotifyBuddy LED. It's easy you just have to move to the right the box of the chosen apps to activate the alerts.

There are two categories of apps to choose from: those of the user, grouped in User, and those of the system, within the System section. After activating the notifications of the selected programs, you can see all the apps you have enabled by entering the Active section, with the bell icon.

NotifyBuddy notifications app

Not only can you see which apps will notify you with an LED on the screen, you can also choose the color of the light by clicking on each of them. By moving your finger through the chromatic circle you can select the exact tone, In addition to choosing the transparency and brightness of the notification light using the bars at the bottom of the screen.

This app, which was designed to complete the void left in the OnePlus 6T, works on all phones with Android Oreo or higher. Remember that, to make use of it, you must have the notifications of the chosen applications activated in the phone settings.

And there is no more, you just have to wait until there is Notifications on activated apps to see how a small warning light comes on in the upper left corner of the screen when it is locked. This way, you can forget about the front LED of notifications that are missing from your Android.

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