GTA V para Android es una realidad y así puedes probarlo

GTA V for Android is a reality and so you can try it

In Android Pro we love to have a good time playing with our phone, although the variety of titles in Google Play is so great that sometimes we do not find any that hook us. Definitely, Some of the most popular games are Rockstar, the Grand Theft Auto. Currently, we can play GTA: Chinatown Wars, III, Liberty City, Vice City or San Andreas. But now, what will you think if we tell you that you can already try GTA V on your Android phone? There is no trap or cardboard, although caution must be taken.

First of all, we know that since the exit of the game, there have been many attempts at phishing, infecting or whatever thousands of phones with supposed versions of GTA V. Officially, this game does not exist for Android and considering that the fourth version neither does it exist, we are not sure that it will arrive in a short time. Well, a group of Russian developers They are working to bring GTA V to your Android phone and you can already try one of its alpha versions.

GTA V for Android is unstable, but you can try

First of all, if you were thinking about playing the whole story of GTA V, we are sorry to say no, at least not yet. As we have already told you, it is an unofficial version by Russian developers. We have known this port thanks to Ben Geskin, a filter that has published in this Twitter account and on its Telegram channel the file of this game. This is an APK file that weighs almost 450 MB and that when installed on our phone, we can see the GTA V icon in our application drawer. And yes, it works.

This is a fairly first development version, but some of the basic game techniques can already be tested. Unfortunately, the whole game is in Russian and has advertising, although if we play without Internet access, we will not have that problem. To enter the game (no pulsis online because it does not exist), we will have to press the option of more to the right in the start menu.

As you can see, we have tried it and we can say that this promises. For now, we can move the character, enter vehicles, open the options menu, the weapons, hit, etc. Basically everything that has to do with movement mechanics. On the map, at the moment we only have a detailed area and beyond that, there are no textures or physics work well. Of course it remains still a lot of work in this GTA V for Android, but that have achieved that level of detail and similarity with the original game, they seem worthy of mention. We have verified that there is no problem with the installation file, but for now, try it at your own risk.